Thanks to

Kalasmottagningen is a big arrangement and it takes more than the eleven individuals in Kalaskommittén to carry through and execute. Therefore, we would like to give thanks to the following for helping with the realization of Kalasmottagningen.

  • Linköping's University
  • Norrköping's municipality
  • Linköping's municipality
  • Region Östergötland
  • Kårservice and their workers
  • Lintek, StuFF, Consensus
  • Kalasmottagningens styrgrupp
  • Jean-Michel Housset och medarbetarna på SIV
  • Maria Hjert
  • Principal Helen Dannetun 
  • Earlier Kalas committees
  • Arenabolaget
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • LiUTryck
  • forte!
  • Valla Skivgarde
  • The bands at uteområdet
  • München Hoben
  • SKÖN
  • All the student associations 
  • All the party committees 
  • All of our KALASpuffar!
  • Friends and family 


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