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The KALAS bus

The KALAS bus will depart from SAAB Arena, Linköping and arrive at Skvallertorget, Norrköping

We will drive a bus twice for visitors to be able to get home to Norrköping from Kalasmottagningen. The KALAS bus is free for everybody with a KALAS-wristband. There will be a total of 85 seats per bus. The buses will not have enough seats for every student that needs to go to Norrköping - when the bus is filled it will leave. Luckily, there are other ways of transport between Norrköping and Linköping.

The KALAS bus will depart the following times:

Kl. 00.15 - to Norrköping
Kl. 01.15 - to Norrköping


The commuter rail between Norrköping and Linköping is a nice way to get to Kalasmottagningen. The train will stop at Linköping central station and from there, it's a short walk to SAAB Arena and Kalasmottagningen. With a day card (dygnskort) you can travel how much you like within the region. 

Here is a link to the time table of Östgötapendeln: Östgötapendelns tidtabell


Campusbussen is a bus that operates between the university's different campuses. It is free for all students! Campusbussen will depart from Söder Tull or Väster Tull (Norrköping) and will arrive at Campus Valla (Linköping). From Campus Valla, it's easy to take bus 20 or bus 12 to Linköpings central station from the same bus stop. 

Finding KALAS

Click on the following link for road descriptions to Kalas: Find Kalas! 


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