Kalasmottagningen is a large event with a lot of people. During the opening hours, it's important to behave properly and with orderliness for the safety of the people at the event. We will not be able to write about all things that are not allowed to bring to Kalasmottagningen, so be sure to check with us beforehand. If you are uncertain about the things you want to bring - leave it at home! We will not be able to store prohibted things during your visit. 

For safety reason, the following things are NOT ALLOWED to bring to Kalasmottagningen:
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Other beverages
  • Nuts
  • Weapons or anything that can be used as one
  • Recording equipment 
  • Professional camera (if you're not sure if you can bring your camera - leave it at home)
  • Umbrella or similar items

These following things are not something we want to see, especially not during the Stage Show:
  • Fare evasion
  • Sitting on each others shoulders
  • Crowd surfing or mosh pits

If you have questions about security, contact:


nulink norrköping regionost