The outside area

Kalasmottagningen will not only be indoors, we will also have an outside area! There, you can take a break from the fairs, eat some food and listen to some good music. It is our own service company Kårservice that will be responsible for the sell of food and drinks at the outside area. When Kårservice isn't serving up at Kalasmottagningen, they are responsible for the maintenance of the five different student unions (kårhus) at Linköping University's three campuses - Kårallen, HG, Örat, NH and Trappan. 

Cash only at the outside area! Make sure to bring cash. 


With reservations for changes 

For sale

partner karservice vit

  • Food - 40 kr
  • Beer - 35 kr
  • Cider - 35 kr
  • Soda, mineral water - 15 kr
  • Patch - 20 kr


The entertainment in the form of music at the outside area will be ongoing the whole day. Make sure to listen to your favourite, or maybe you'll find a new one? 


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