History of Kalas

Kalasmottagningen has been arranged for 11 years, each time as an ending of the welcome ceremony at Linköping University. It began in 2005 as an initiative by the municipality of Linköping and Norrköping in collaboration with Linköping University, and has since then evolved to what it is today. Every year it is LHC's home arena that has been the place for Kalasmottagningen, and it has been like that since the beginning to the present time.

A traditional Kalasmottagning contains a student association fair and a business fair, a stageshow with a speech from the principal, the municipality and the student union, musical performances with our amazing student orchestras and groups, and at last a concert with an afterparty. The concert is a colourful ending of Kalasmottagningen as well as a joyful beginning of the studies at Linköpings University! 

Former artists that have been performing at Kalasmottagningen include:
2005 - The Ark
2006 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
2007 - The Sounds
2008 - Mando Diao
2009 - Moneybrother
2010 - Teddybears
2011 - Johnossi
2012 - Veronica Maggio
2013 - Hoffmaestro
2014 - Movits!
2015 - Galantis
2016 - Sabina Ddumba
2017 - E-type and Timo Räisänen
2018 - ???

In previous years, Kårservice has been a co-organizer for the afterparty. Kårservice contributes with studentfriendly prices, good service and a commitment for the student life. 


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